Hey y’all,

After a two year absence devoted almost solely to working and expanding my photo portfolio, I’m back to blogging. Partly inspired by being featured for my photo work at the first annual Oregon Burlesque Festival, I am now working full time on writing, photography, and event promotion. I’ll have to write about all of those in a bit, as I’m now trying to get into a daily writing habit again. If one is to write for important publications, one should be able to spit out regular writing samples.

My favorite burlesque starlet from the Oregon Burlesque Festival: Nani Poonani's "The Killing Type"

My favorite burlesque act from the Oregon Burlesque Festival: Nani Poonani’s “The Killing Type”

Funny that I’m coming back to this after two years and four days. I’ve got ideas on critical pop culture discussions. Scrubs. Lindsay Lohan. Silence of the Lambs. Clickbait and native advertising. Lady Gaga and Obama. (Sidebar: Lady Gaga tweeted me a month ago and I’m still getting notifications. Perhaps I should write about that.)

I can also do interviews, too! I’ve got at least a handful of musicians and performers I will soon profile. It’s all a matter of time in a day. Also, a pending radio show on a popular podcast! So many posts about to happen, ohhhh my children, you don’t even know!

I’ve also been working on SEO optimization. Among the other sites that I’ve worked on over the past two years, I’ve worked on directories related to Portland neighborhoods, national casinos, and smoking products. Oh, the glamorous life of a modern writer.

Except for the racist plot elements, more or less an accurate depiction of my life these few years.

Except for the racist plot elements, more or less an accurate depiction of my life these few years.

I also have been back Portland a month since spending a week and a half in Germany, and three days in New Jersey, and a magical night in New York City. I took many photos, as well as notes on photos, fashion, art, architecture, musings, etc. I even got me a pair of lederhosen, which I promptly spilled coffee all over during a hung over/sleep deprived shift as a burlesque show ticket taker. Of course.

There’s a lot coming ahead, so stick around, get comfy!